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GW2 Resources    
Welcome to the site of Wake, a new Guild Wars 2 guild on the Northern Shiverpeaks server.  We are planning to focus on all aspects of the game, including PvE, sPvP, WvW and more.
Guild News    

Wake PvP Videos!

WildeHindu, Nov 9, 12 1:17 PM.
Our very own Whisperlude has taken it upon himself to post some videos of Wake's structured pvp team!  So far he has 2 videos, and the links will be provided below:

Video 1 -
Foefire match featuring Whisperlude (Bobby), Anasurimbor Kellhus (Shawn), Aramais (Chin), Sai and Vem

Video 2 -
Forest of Niflhel match featuring Whisperlude (Bobby), Aramais (Chin), Blasphemykat (Steph), Sai and Vem

Wake is Recruiting!

WildeHindu, Sep 10, 12 1:22 PM.
Now that the game has been out for a while, and we've seen the amount of time different people have to play, we have decided that we could do with some new members.  So if you see someone looking for a guild, and think they would fit in with our guild, feel free to recruit them =).

Guild Wars is Launching!

WildeHindu, Aug 24, 12 1:21 PM.
Guild Wars 2 is due to start in less than 3 hours!  Remember, that the game might be available several hours before the listed launch time of 12:00 a.m. PST.  For anyone who has missed it, the server we are rolling on is Northern Shiverpeaks.  The web site hosts a guild chat room for people who are registered (look at the bottom right), which I will be on over the next few days.  Once you have rolled a character, either message me in the guild chat room, or find an officer in game, and we will extend an invite.  Lets have fun and kick some ass!

Stress Test!

Panzerpanduh, Aug 21, 12 2:23 PM.
in like 40 minutes there's gonna be a stress test for anyone who gets this in time. if you're free some of us are going to be on the server "darkhaven"

Getting Our Guild Name

WildeHindu, Aug 20, 12 3:55 PM.
We need to coordinate our launch so that we can get our guild name ASAP once the game goes live.  This means that we're going to have to pool together some capital early (easiest way to do this is to have everyone roll the same race).  Its going to cost 1 silver, which isn't that much, but will require a few people to throw in if we want to get it early.
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